Frequently Asked Questions

Many of our customers have specific questions about our profrssional Services. Here are just a few of the frequently asked questions.

General Questions

Simply Click on Get a "Sign Up Now" Tab.

You are charged a Flat Fee of $99. No Surprizes, No Hidden Charges, No Setup Fees, No Deposits. Only extras are sub-contracters Maintenance fees, but we get you the best prices guarenteed.

Absolutely not! We don't wouldn't want pushy sales people coming to our property so we would never do that to you. You can book your service online. It takes about one minute.

Please get in touch with us right away and we'll make arrangements to rectify the situation. We have a satisfaction guarantee that we stand by. There is No Contract, just a memorandum of Under Standing. You can cancell anytime.

Scheduling Questions

Yes. But, we will start working for you immediately.

Yes, we have a number of very effective places to list your property and we are very effective at writing ads. You will have final approval on all ads.

Your option, we will notify you when no routine service is preformed. One of our agents will show up to inspect all work and report back to you.

We charge on the 10th day of the month for that month's Flat Fee and for services preformed the previous month.

No. No Contracts we earn your confidence everyday. There is Just a Memorandum of Understanding.